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The Ladies flirt with Hieronymus Anna meets Hieronymus "I'm pleased to meet you Mr. Bosch" Erasmus is jealous. He has designs on Anna. "Anna!" calls Erasmus Erasmus warns Anna to stay away from Hieronymus Dancing at the festival Dancing at the festival Festival singers Dancing at the festival Erasmus pays the boys to tell bad stories about Hieronymus "He's an evil man, Miss" "I don't believe a word you are saying!" "It's true Miss! He wouldn't lie" Anna and her father are going to visit Hieronymus's studio They enter Hieronymus house "My dear, you fainted! Anna thought she saw some creatures. "I wish I could paint" "Have you ever tried to paint?" "Where do you come up with these ideas, Hieronymus?" "You can do it with imagination!" sings Hieronymus "Why do we have to hide?" ask his creatures Otto suggests that Gregor listen to him next time Hieronymus gives Anna a painting lesson Erasmus asks the Brotherhood to cancel Hieronymus's commission "Have you not seen the dark wicked images that he paints?" "His work will bring embarassment and shame to the Brotherhood" The argue with Erasmus Erasmus is told to mind his own business Erasmus begins to spread rumors about Hieronymus Anna shows her father her first painting Hieronymus is inspired Anna is caught in a terrible blizzard of Hieronumus's making Anna is caught in a terrible blizzard of Hieronumus's making Anna is caught in a terrible blizzard of Hieronumus's making The storm stops when he runs out of paint He scolds his lazy apprentices The apprentices make fun of him behind his back The creatures join in the fun Anna drops at his doorstep, exhausted from the storm "Master! You'd better come!" "What were you doing out in that storm Anna?" Anna screams when she meets the creatures Anna wants to leave, but there is too much snow outside Anna is formally introduced Anna wants an explanation or where the creatures came from "They were born of my imagination." Anna finds that she has fallen in love with Hieronymus She dances giddily They sing of their mutual love They sing of their mutual love They run about playfully Hieronymus pursues Anna They twirl about A kiss is interupted by the creatures. Anna is again frightened Being snowed in, Anna must stay the night. She prays not to be eaten. She awakens to find the creatures in her bed She tries to make the best of it Otto and Gregor attempt to make the bed but become tangled Hieronymus invites Anna to a party to meet all his creatures Otto teases that Gregor is not invited and Sophie defends him The creature party "Nice party, Hieronymus" There are fabulous creatures in attendance Otto and Gregor are in awe of some of the creatures Erasmus is seen peeking in the window Hieronymus jests with this creatures Anna attempts to tell him of Erasmus's spying After being insulted, Anna leaves and Hieronymus requests a number from the band The creatures sing along The creatures dance The creatures dance The creatures dance Creatures are pleased Anna complains because she is treated like a servant girl She scolds Hieronymus Anna asks Hieronymus to abandon his imagination. "It is too much!" Hieronymus paints an "ordinary" picture and his apprentice is confused She describes how the painting ought to look The other apprentice explains about the arguement Anna has brought models for Hieronymus to paint They are so awfully unattractive! He finds it necessary to decorate them to make them more interesting He tries to avoid eye contact as it may give him nightmares! He shows them how to pose He covers her head. Now she looks perfect! Anna realizes that Hieronymus will never change Hieronymus acknowledges this. He must be himself. Anna leaves Hieronymus Otto blames Gregor for her leaving Erasmus tells the Brotherhood of the creatures he saw "I felt it my duty to inform you" The Brothers think he was drunk to have seen creatures Anna tells her girlfriends of her breakup with Hieronymus Rachael tells Anna of the terrible things she heard about Hieronymus Her father is in trouble for telling Erasmus of the breakup Anna is alone Hieronymus reveals the secret portrait he has painted of Anna Each in their own homes, they sing of their loneliness while apart The creatures are being playful Hieronymus discovers an old, unopened letter from the Brotherhood Hieronymus has lost everything and he even denies the existence of his beloved creatures Sophie is so hurt "The master is just confused right now" Erasmus breaks into the studio determined to finish Hieronymus off He finds Sophie and kidnaps her A Gargoyle has broken, attempting to save her "Please Hieronymus, you have to save Sophie" "Sophie's not real. She is imaginary" His creatures attempt to bring him to his senses His creatures attempt to bring him to his senses Anna and the creatures convince him to use his imaginatin again He brings every object and creature to life Sophie is being dragged to the church by Erasmus She tries hard to escape The others arrive to rescue her There is a terrible struggle When Father Albert comes the creatures all scatter But it turns out he knows Hieronymus's creatures Father Albert and Otto exchange a secret handshake "Are you all right, Sophie?" Anna missed the creatures. She promises to never leave again But will Hieronymus have her back. Of course! Otto sheds a tear. He is not his usual self They all sing merrily home They all sing merrily home Otto and Gregor prepare for the wedding The wedding is here Anna is escorted by her father Hieronymus and Anna are wed Otto and Gregor dance to the music The happy couple reflect Hieronymus gives Anna the portrait The boys are chased by Otto and Gregor. Erasmus is turned into a gargoyle. The cast take their bows

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