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Production Specifications

TIME: 1475 PLACE: Medieval Flanders

“Introduction” ..... Narrator
SCENE 1 The Cathedral Steps
“Organ Overture” ..... Ensemble
“Hieronymus” ..... Ensemble
SCENE 2 At the Festival
“The Skipping Song” ..... Chorus, Caller
“Dragons & Boogeymen”..... The Brothers Grimm
SCENE 3 The Studio
“Imagination” ..... Hieronymus
“Colors” ..... Hieronymus, Anna
SCENE 4 Brotherhood's Meeting Hall
“Brothers” ... Erasmus, 1st Brother
SCENE 5 A Winter Storm & the Studio
“The Blizzard” ..... Narrator
“Trouble” ..... The Apprentices
SCENE 6 In the Clouds
“Imagination” (reprise) ..... Hieronymus, Anna
SCENE 7 The Studio, Later that Night
“It's a Funny Feeling”..... Hieronymus, Anna
SCENE 8 The Bedroom
“The Prayer” ..... Anna
“Yo Ho” ..... Anna
SCENE 9 The Studio
“The Creature's Waltz” ..... Otto, Gregor
“What About”..... Hieronymus, Anna

“Entr’acte” ..... Instrumental
SCENE 1 The Studio
“I'm What I Am" ..... Hieronymus
SCENE 2 The Brotherhood's Meeting Hall
SCENE 3 Anna's Home & the Studio
“Alone” ..... Anna, Hieronymus, Ensemble
SCENE 4 The Studio at Night
“Come With Me, Come” ..... Erasmus
“Magic” ..... Instrumental
SCENE 5 The Cathedral Steps
“The Blizzard" (reprise) ..... Instrumental
“Yo Ho” (reprise) ..... Anna & Ensemble
SCENE 6 The Cathedral Steps
“A Whole New Life” ..... Ensemble
“Wedding Night Hymn” ..... Hieronymus, Anna
“Hieronymus” (reprise) ..... Ensemble


FRONT of CATHEDRAL— Built on wagons or flown in. Can be ornate (carved out of foam) or a simple set of modern arches. Trim is painted to match the costumes of two living gargoyles. Steps are optional.

DOORWAY ENTRANCE to Bosch’s House— Simple arch w/ two living gargoyles. Can be accomplished w/ the actors alone.

STUDIO SET— One empty triptych frame 7 foot tall by 12 foot wide, plus a window section with shades.

BROTHERHOOD'S MEETING HALL— Large hanging flag w/ swam emblem.


Trestle table, 6 chairs, 1 bench, 1 bed w/ covering, 1 small easel, empty frames to scatter about.


Projector, slides of Hieronymus Bosch paintings (we  provide computer slides and a movie in our electronic performance package), two books, cane, bean ball, two coins, artists tools and paint pots, large palette, short candle, gavel, paper and quill, portrait of Anna (printed from computer), crude painting of Anna's home, goblets, fake sausages and other food, sticky bun, confetti, music box with dancer on top, pots and pans, funnel & other decorations for the Models (such as gourd, pastry, small broom), cloth, paper w/ word "Sorcerer" on it, envelope with letter inside, giant paintbrush, safe sword, small flask.


Gorgeous, fully-orchestrated backing music on CD for performance or rehearsals.

Band Parts for Flute, Clarinets/Bass Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Drum Kit, Timpani, Misc. Percussion, Glockenspiel, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer 1, plus Synthesizer 2 OR optional 2 Violins and 1 Cello.

Piano/Conductor Score

Vocal Scores

A cast CD

Midi files and Sibelius files

Complete sound effects



2 Hours 10 Minutes, plus intermission


(Animated, enthusiastic)
  (Still-standing statues)
Father Albert 
(Portly, kind, bowl haircut)
  ( Mid 20's,  imaginative,
       confident, self-absorbed. Tenor A to G)

Elderly Woman 
(Feeble with cane)
( Spirited, anxious for love. Soprano A to G)
Van Meer 
( Anna's father, wealthy
      well-fed, charismatic. Baritone)

Widow Bachman 
( Villainous, slimy, jealous,
      revengeful. Wears goatee. Baritone A to F)

(Anna's friend)
(Anna's friend, gullible)
Grimm Bros. 
(Ages 8-14, mischievous. 
     Sing easy song)
(Small, young,  innocent, giggly creature)
(Fat, pushy, bickering, know-it-all creature.
       May sing F to A#)

(Skinny, gullible, dim-witted, prone to
       crying creature. May sing C to D)

1st Brother 
(Charismatic, confident)
2nd Brother  (Sense of humor, quick-witted)
3rd Brother 
(Erasmus's spineless cousin)
1st Apprentice 
(Uneducated, lazy, bad attitude.
       Sings easy song)
2nd Apprentice  (Responsible, caring. Sings
       easy song)

2 Models 
(Comical, extremely unattractive due
       to heavy makeup, powdered faces, puckered
       red lips, but think themselves beautiful)
Creatures, Villagers & Dancers  (All sorts)


8 women, 7 men, 12 of either, plus unlimited ensemble. (minimum 18 players with doubled roles. Ideal cast size is 40+)


The Professor—modern suit

Father Albert—clerical or friar's robe, wig with bald spot.

An Elderly Woman—black dress, shawl.

Hieronymus Bosch—several colorful outfits bordering on the ridiculous, shoes w/ curls at toe, conservative wedding outfit, hats.

Anna—3 dresses, wedding dress w/ huge, ridiculous, ornate headpiece with dangling objects.

VanMeer—rich outfit, gold chain, cyclas w/ swan emblem.

The Widow Bachman—dress, cyclas or other apparel w/ swan emblem.

Erasmus—dark outfit, cape.

Parishioners, Festival Goers—"Sunday" clothes.

Catrina & Rachel—1 dress each.

The Boys—ragged shirts, tights or cutoff shorts w/ bare feet.

Snow Dancers—gray or white unitards trimmed with white lace, snowflakes, or streamers.

1st and 2nd Apprentice—simple workman’s costume, black hats.

1st, 2nd Brothers—cyclases w/ swan emblem over a simple "daily" costume.

3rd Brother—cyclas w/ off-color or black swan emblem.


1st & 2nd Church & House Gargoyles — unitards to match stonework. Gargoyle headpiece.

Sophie — red costume looking part berry and part insect. Tan headdress hanging down to one side. Bare feet

Otto — fat, green-gray costume w/ darker shading, headpiece, tie

Gregor — thin green-gray costume w/ dark shading, furry shorts, wrist and ankle pieces, furry headpiece, tie.

Major players, doubling as creatures, may simply use a hooded cape and a mask, which can quickly be pulled over their costume.

Kitchen Creatures — 3 or more creatures will look like a brick & tile stove, a table, bench, storage barrel, cauldron, clock, or similar kitchen appliances.

All Other Creatures — various plain or complex costumes & masks of any type, and real-life objects such as trunks and lampshades they can wear. Creature costumes can be simple or elaborate depending on one’s imagination and budget.


Optional Gobos of imagined objects—clouds, man flying fish, woman flying hare, moon, peach, castle, slice of pie

Fog machine

© Copyright 1999, 2000 T. E. Breitenbach. All rights reserved.
No part of the music, lyrics, dialogue, pictures, or logos may be reproduced or utilized in any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from: T. E. Breitenbach, c/o Premiere Musicals Guild, PO Box 538, Altamont NY 12009  USA