Wedding Portraits

his is a unique and special service the artist offers, apart from the rental of the grounds or castle. Immortalize your love in a painting, carefully constructed to last for centuries. These are allegorical portraits — that is, they reflect the interests and character of the wedding couple. This is the style of painting the artist is known for and represents your best investment. Portrait commissions are accepted only if the artist's schedule permits.

The portrait immediately below was commissioned after a ceremony, to celebrate the marriage. The horse represents the horse and carriage used in the wedding ceremony, but is also a chess piece, a favorite interest of the groom. In the picture you can see a beloved pet, treasured books, a favorite flower, references to architecture and acting (the couple's professions), and so on.

Paul and Patrice - by T. E. Breitenbach

You can also commission an individual portrait of the bride or groom, as a wedding gift, to show them just how very special they are to you.

Debra - by T. E. Breitenbach

The portrait below celebrates the artist's marriage to Debra. There are 79 hearts, representing the year of their marriage 1979, and the playing cards number 15, the day of the month they were married (and the day they met).

Hearts - by T. E. Breitenbach

Below is a cute painting celebrating marriage. It symbolizes the excitement of the new journey the bride and groom are about to embark on together. You can order a special Giclee reproduction of this painting on canvas for a gift and we can personalize it by putting the bride and groom's names on the hearts. You can also license the use of this picture for use on your wedding invitations, or purchase reproductions to use as gifts for your guests or wedding party.

Two Hearts Entering a Fairy Tale - by T. E. Breitenbach

Here is an example showing how the artist can personalize this image for your use on invitations and/or gifts.

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About the Artist

Thomas E. Breitenbach (born 1951) is a self-taught American artist best known for his painting Proverbidioms, a raucous and comical depiction of over 300 common proverbs and clichés. He also collaborated with Jim Morrison of The Doors, shortly before Morrison's death, on a painting intended for use on his An American Prayer album. Breitenbach studied architecture and fine arts (in an independent study program) at the University of Notre Dame, before leaving for Italy, when he became the youngest person to receive the Rome Prize Fellowship in visual arts. Inspired by the castles and museums of Europe, he returned home determined to build a castle-studio to house his art and eventually become a museum. During the planning stages he painted Proverbidioms and later published it.

Breitenbach works in other mediums too, and has written an illustrated fantasy novel, a book of painting secrets, a Proverbidioms trivia book,  designed fonts, composed film music, and written musicals, including Hieronymus a partly autobiographical story about medieval fantasy artist Hieronymus Bosch and his over-active imagination.

For more information about the artist, visit his website.

Paintings copyright T. E. Breitenbach