Tent Sites

These areas are smooth and level, perfect for setting up tents, tables, and dance floors, and they have electricity. You have three choices:

Garden Site    Castle View     Two Towers Site

The Castle Garden Site
Suitable for a 40 x 60 foot tent

Standing by the castle entrance looking right, through a grove of trees, you see beyond the tent site, a lush green field which was once the castle flower, herb, and vegetable gardens. These pictures don't show the new garden stonewall art finished last Fall.

Here we stand at the farthest end of the garden site. You can see the castle through the trees. These photos were taken in the fall, after the flowerbed in the foreground has died back for the winter.

This is the same field, but viewed from the rear of the castle. Off in the distance is a towering maple, and to the right is the castle blacksmith shop.

These well-manicured woods are to the south of the garden site.


CastleView Tent Site
Available flat area measures 60 x 75 feet

Here we stand at the backend of the CastleView tent site, looking across a long expanse of lawn toward the rear of the castle.

And from the castle, we see the tent site in the distance.


Two Towers Tent Site
Suitable for a 40 x 60 foot tent

Here is a view across the Two Towers site toward the gatehouse. This site is particularly convenient to the parking areas, one of which you can see on the right.

We look toward this same tent site through a grove of trees. We are standing on the edge of another large grassy field used for additional parking.