This large stone labyrinth was built by the artist's wife Debra, in the woods nearby. It's 48 feet in diameter and a 900 foot walk to the center and back. This makes an interesting wedding spot.

Weddings on the labyrinth are wonderful and have a completely different feel than traditional weddings.

Labyrinths have emerged organically from many cultures down through the ages. They appear in cathedrals and temples of many religions around the world as a symbol of the sacred, representing the journey of life and the unfolding of the human heart.

In the Wedding Labyrinth, the Bride and Groom re-enact the journey of life, passing along its circuits with a special awareness of the need to dedicate themselves to unfolding their hearts and upholding their commitment to love one another. As they move through the Labyrinth, a visual poetry is created that will always be remembered for its beauty and meaning. A special feeling emerges from this ritual journey that affects not only the couple, but everyone at the ceremony. The center of the Wedding Labyrinth is where the couple finally meet to stand upon an ancient and sacred symbol embodying the deepest expression of the human spirit.

         In the Fall