• Camera - (Video) Sony DSR 130, 250, 300, and PD150, 170; Canon XL1(s), and GL1; Panasonic AG-DVX100(a); miscellaneous Beta, and support packages (16mm) Arri SRIII, SRII, SRI; Aaton XTR and A-Minima, and support packages.
  • Sound - DAT, Nagra, a variety of microphones (wireless, stereo, lavalier, shot-gun, etc.), and audio support.
  • Post-production - Avid Media Composer and DV Express, Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, and Photoshop, Sound Forge, Cool Edit Pro, Sony Vegas DVD Architect, Deck-to-Deck editing, patch bays, and duplication equipment.
  • Lighting - Comprehensive knowledge of tungsten packages, HMI, Kino Flo, fluorescent, practical wiring and electrical skills, experienced in effects and green screen lighting, underwater lighting, and lighting direction for 3D animation.
  • Grip - A variety of tripods, dollies, jibs (7’ - 30’), and car mounts.
  • Art Direction - Design, construction, and fabrication utilizing carpentry, metal work, sewing, etc.  Designed and built sets, specialized sets for pyrotechnics and optical illusion, props, miniatures, and stop-motion puppets.
  • Office – Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook, Windows and OS operating systems.


  • Princess Grace Foundation Honorarium, 2003 [News Article]
  • SOFA Honors Show 2001, 2002, 2002, 2003
  • RIT Research Conference - Panelist, 2003
  • Kodak Raw Stock Grant, 2001, 2002
  • Chester W. Brinks Grant, 2001, 2002


Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY

  • BFA in Film and Animation Production, with highest honors
    Anthropology/Sociology minor.
  • AVID Certified, 2003

Work Experience

Director / Writer / Producer / Editor

Camera Operator

  • White Wonder (2004), documentary, d., p. Dan Swinton
  • NYSTA Conference (July 2001, 2002) event coverage, Vlahos Communications, p. Harvey Vlahos

Assistant Camera

  • Jetboy (2004), drama-short, d., p. Holland Kemp
  • Learn to Fly (2003), commercial, Sick Dimension, d., p. Paul Wieland
  • Zero (2002), experimental narrative-feature, Oneaday Productions, p. John Yost, John Christen

Sound Mixer

  • Tempting Birgitta (2003), drama, Disco Films, d., p. John Christian
  • Hannah Can’t Swim (2002), drama, d., p. Randall Good, screened in 29 festivals
  • Sketches (2002), comedy-short, Odysseus Films, d. Nathan Lauterstein p. Joe Bellevia
  • The Second Darkening (2002), thriller, Midnight Fire Productions, d., p. Jeremy Kirsch, p. Paul Grimes

Production Assistant

  • Working Pictures/Cotton Hill Studios (2004), (also as casting assistant) p. Margherita Krug, “New York State - Green Power Commercial,” “Bank of America – VISA Check Card Promotional Video”
  • Vlahos Communications (July 2001 - Aug. 2002) aerial photography and event coverage company, p. Harvey Vlahos

Post Tape Operator

  • G4TV (Feb. 2005 – Oct. 2005), Television Network, G4 Media, Inc., Los Angeles, d. of post Cliff Coburn

Lighting Designer  [Lighting Demo]

  • Woods of Evil (2004), horror-feature, d., p. Conrad Glover, p. Kim Halon, video release
  • Electric Vertebrae (2003), experimental narrative-short, d., p. Dave Chontos, p. Lorei Pepi, Princess Grace Foundation Grant, 2002, Callahan Grant, 2003
  • Sonnenschatten (2003), drama-feature, d. Dan Swinton, p. Nicole White
  • Tempting Birgitta (2003), drama-short, Disco Film, d., p. John Christian
  • Ice Cream, You Scream (2003), drama-short, d. Steve Formel, p. Marianne Denning
  • Zero (2002), experimental narrative-feature, Oneaday Productions, p. John Yost, John Christen
  • Dark Eyes (2002),  drama-short, Born 2 Burn films, d. Travis Barnhart, p. Paul Grimes


  • Bank of America – VISA Check Card Promotional Video (2004), d. Marty Bohunicky, p. Margherita Krug, Working Pictures
  • Burrito (2002), comedy-short, Third Slate Productions, d. John French, p. Joseph Bellevia
  • The Second Darkening (2002), thriller-short, Midnight Fire Productions, d., p. Jeremy Kirsch, p. Paul Grimes
  • Sketches (2002), comedy-short, Odysseus Films, d. Nathan Lauterstein p. Joseph  Bellevia
  • Lucid (2001), experimental-short (2001), d., p. Jonathan Fischer

Set Design & Scenic Carpentry  [Samples]

  • Edgar’s Folly (2003), dark comedy-short Kodak Raw Stock Grant, 2002, Chester W. Brinks Grant, 2002
  • Seven Days of Samsara (2002), experimental narrative-short, Kodak Raw Stock Grant, 2001, Chester W. Brinks Grant, 2001
  • Little Black Boxes (2000), musical
  • Hieronymus (1999), musical

Conventional Construction

  • T.E. Breitenbach (May-Sept. 2003, 2004), Altamont, NY, apprentice – carpentry, woodworking, masonry, electrical, and tilework
  • Altamont Manor (May-Sept. 1996-2002), Altamont, NY, staff – historical restoration, carpentry, and demolition
  • Construction of a blacksmith shop (1997)


  • The Way Back (2004), drama-short (as lead), d., p. Ben Moskowitz, Ithaca Film Festival, 2004, Sidewalk Film Festival, 2004
  • Roles in a variety of small productions (2000-2003)
  • Community Theatre - Singing in the Rain as R. F. Simson (2000), Little Black Boxes as the villain Todd (2000), The Sound of Music as dancer and soldier (1999), Hieronymus as dancer and creature (1999)

 References available upon request