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OUR MISSION: Premiere Musicals Guild was founded by T. E. Breitenbach for the purpose of creating, performing, and publishing new Broadway quality musicals, and making them available to school and community theatre groups at reasonable prices. Our musicals must meet the highest standards, incorporate new and original stories, and have the highest quality songs. They are developed and polished with the help of seasoned theatre professionals and workshop productions. They are designed to be easy and inexpensive to stage, to incorporate lots of female or female/adaptable parts, AND, your performance will have a professional sound when you use our fully orchestrated backing tracks. Band parts are also available.
          We invite you to browse this site, listen to the music, and download a FREE perusal script of our first offerings. You will be greatly impressed with Mr. Breitenbach's skill, imagination, and attention to detail. You will find the musicals to be uplifting, entertaining, and family-oriented. Your school or community theater group will thank you after an enormously successful performance!

Little Black Boxes, A Simply Magical Musical


The names HIERONYMUS and LITTLE BLACK BOXES are trademarks of T. E. Breitenbach







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