"Two Hearts Entering
a Fairy Tale"

This image can be personalized with your names for use with invitations and gifts.

Ways to Save Money
On Your Wedding

1) GUESTS - Cut the guest list! According to CostOfWedding.com, each guest can add $183 to $224 to the cost of a wedding in our area. There is a tendency to invite never or rarely seen friends and relatives, people from the office, parent's friends, too-young children, exes, old college mates, and dates for your single guests. While you may desire to share this happy time with everyone, consider very carefully just who really needs to be at your wedding.

2) MUSIC - Have a friend or family member with personality DJ your affair. You can rent our PA system, and even a laptop full of tunes, or bring your own mp3 player. On our "Useful Stuff" link there are some DJ scripts you can download, and wedding music playlists are available online.

3) PHOTO & VIDEO - Have your friends and family take your wedding photos and videos. So many people have such high quality cameras nowadays. If you put the word out in advance, and ask everyone to send you CDs of the pictures and video they take, you should have more than you need, to remember the occasion. Our niece did this and was very happy with the results. Many guests even fancied the role of photographer and took this quite seriously. Another possibility is to find a photography student from a local art program. They will be glad to help you and at a substantially lower price than a professional. OR if you wish to hire a professional, tell them you want the digital files only, and make the prints and albums yourself.

4) THE BRIDAL GOWN - Shop the sales, buy off the rack, order a white version of a bridesmaid gown, or buy a simpler dress from a formal shop. Given this will be an outdoor wedding, you will find a simple dress will free you up to move about and enjoy the grounds more. You definitely don't want a too-long dress or a train that drags on the grass or forest floor. Also, if you don't mind a used or "never used" dress, check craigslist for bridal gowns, or second-hand shops. You'll be surprised at the beautiful selections.

5) INVITATIONS Create your own. If you rent here, you can use the image of our painting “Two Hearts Entering a Fairytale” (with your first names inserted) on the cover. This will be absolutely unique. Print on white parchment using medieval or fancy fonts, or write something fancy by hand. (Make your own place cards too.) You also do not need RSVP cards nowadays. Instead start an account on a wedding website such as ourwedding.com and ask your invited guests to RSVP there. They'll appreciate this too, because on the same site they can see your pictures, learn how you both met and how he proposed, look at your gift registries and links, and even find lodging info and directions to the venue.

6) FOOD & DRINK Offer only two entrees, rather than three. Serve comfort foods, such as barbeque or mac and cheese. It’s fun and often cheaper. Offer beer, wine, and a signature cocktail instead of a full bar. Skip the champagne toast.

7) CAKE Order a smaller cake and supplement it with a larger sheet cake hidden in the kitchen. Keep the decorations simple and use real flowers instead of sugar ones. OR skip the cake entirely. A nice selection of baked goods will please every taste.

8) FLOWERS & FAVORS - Include non floral items, like balloons and bows. Use more greenery and avoid costly flowers. Perhaps you know someone with a garden or field where you can collect your own. Make your own favors. Check out our suggestions on the “Theme Weddings” link.

9) TABLES Use bigger tables, so you need fewer centerpieces and tablecloths. Long style tables are more medieval-looking and appropriate to a castle environment and they also save tent space, perhaps allowing you to rent a smaller tent.

10) LOCATION Our Two Towers tent site is $500 cheaper than the Garden site and is more convenient to parking if you have elderly or handicapped guests.

11) TRAVEL - Hold your ceremony and reception at the same place - it cuts travel time for vendors you pay by the hour. It also eliminates the need to rent a limo for the trip after the ceremony.

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